Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mommy help you?

My best friend has a little girl about 6 months younger than my toddler.  While my boy Z has definitely trended towards physical accomplishments (running, jumping, climbing, giving his mother a heart attack on a daily basis), she zeroed in on linguistics.  That child was making sentences at 18 months old, I tell you!  And here's Z, almost 3, not worrying too much about making himself understood by words.  After all, pointing and screaming work so well!  In any case, it's safe to say that her language skills are much advanced.  One thing she's been doing for a couple months now, is saying "you" when what she means is "I."  So instead of saying "I need a hug!" she says "You need a hug!" which I have to say is quite entertaining.  It's taken some getting used to on my part, translating her pronouns!  But since Z doesn't really use sentences it wasn't something I'd heard here at home.  Every so often I think, that MIGHT have been him doing it...but maybe not.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, he has broken the pronoun barrier!  Yesterday he came to me with a clear need for me to do something for him and said, "Mommy help you?"  Ah, be still my beating heart!  Seems like such a silly thing to get excited over, but by golly I am!  My little boy is growing up!

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