Monday, January 30, 2012

Well duh!

Around here we're big fans of Sandra Boyton's books.  I think we have pretty much all of them (thanks Grammy!).  Z knows quite a few of them by heart and I have have several adorable videos of him reading them to himself or just reciting them from memory to Mr Penguin.  And I have to admit, I know most of them by heart too.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


A thrilling game of "transfer the bath toys from the basket to the tub one by one"



Our elder statescat Earl is a jolly old chap.  Lately he's been feeling much more chipper, now that he's no longer fighting for his life, and downright feisty.

Thursday, January 12, 2012





Going Bananas

One morning (about a month ago I guess!) N got up rather earlier than normal, which then meant that his first nap was earlier than normal.  None of us had had breakfast yet (we do meals on demand here, not on schedule), but N was definitely ready to go back to bed.  No big deal, Z was playing with his toys in the living room by himself and didn't seem to mind when I went back to give N his bottle and put him down.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


N's first appearance on my other blog

Choke hold

N is fond of cheerios.  Very fond.  So fond, in fact, that he occasionally puts more in his mouth than he can actually manage to ingest safely, given that he still only has two bottom teeth.  Whenever he coughs on his cheerios I generally say, "You're not supposed to choke on them, silly!" while making sure he clears his throat.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look who's talking

Z's language skills took awhile to develop.  It's mostly been within the last year or so that he's really started to use his vocal cords for something other than grunting and screaming.





Tuesday, January 3, 2012




I'm only making two New Year's resolutions, and they should be completely doable:

1. Post on the blog more often (trying for 3x a week, but definitely once a week minimum)
2. Participate in a 365 project by taking (and posting!) a picture every single day.

For #2, I'm thinking of doing it two picture, here on this blog, of the kids everyday, and another picture more geared towards improving my photography posted on a separate blog (so as not to clutter up the Ellerclan Chronicles with totally unrelated content).  Sometimes a picture might work out and be posted in both places, but for my improvement blog I'll be making an effort to NOT always be taking pictures of my kids.  It'll be hard, they're so darn cute!

Here is my entry for January 1st, unfortunately extracted from a video because I'm good at planning things retroactively:


2012 Resolutions: So far, so good! (except that I wrote this on the 2nd, and forgot to post it until the 3rd...oops!)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - peanut butter bread (fold fold fold SQUISH), water, Trio blocks, playing with N's toys, bathtime (for the toys, mainly), helping Daddy rake leaves, opening the front door by himself, being a parrot, "star cheerios" (aka green/purple/red cheerios, aka N's puff snacks), helping get N up from naps (by opening the door, often before N actually needs getting up, and climbing in his crib)
N - crawling crawling crawling, following Z around, permanently attaching himself to Mommy, opening and closing doors, finger foods (the aforementioned "star cheerios" as well as "circle cheerios"), playing with Z's toys
Mommy - quiet time, hearing random laughter down the hallway from them amusing each other, playing with all the toys