Saturday, December 3, 2011

Likes & Dislikes

Z - thomas the tank engine, trio building blocks, pears, spinach, fisher-price radio (online), ode to joy as performed by beaker of the muppets, and everything else he liked last month (hasn't been much new going on here lately!)
N - crawling crawling crawling!, pulling himself up to a stand using anything around him (including his brother), pretending to be a prison inmate at the kitchen gate, trying to play with whatever big brother is playing with, being permanently affixed to mommy, trilling and clucking his tongue and blowing raspberries, eating baby food directly from the pouch (mommy forgot a spoon...)
Mommy - getting to sleep until 8ish several days in a row (still getting up in the middle of most nights, though), slobbery baby kisses, energetic toddler hugs, having Daddy working from home now, seeing Z go out of his way to find a toy to give N (even if it's really just to get N to leave him alone!), losing weight

Z - not getting his way, N stealing his toys (even though he's outgrown them, and really they're only out because they're appropriate for N's age), being used as leverage by his brother, having his brother touch him in any way
N - homemade baby food (except bananas and apples, and I REALLY hope this is just a phase), not being able to see mommy, falling asleep without a fight, being sick
Mommy - sick babies, not getting any sleep because of sick babies, fighting between children, having both be asleep in the car and then start crying when they wake up (usually N is crying because Z is grumpy after a car nap, but it's still hard on mommy!), being on a diet


  1. N's just tired of Irish colors!

  2. that doesn't explain why he'll happily eat those colors out of a pouch, though!