Saturday, August 11, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - running around in other people's homes, playing with pencils at the model house, toast, jigsaw puzzles, stacking things, reinforcing N's bad habits, being given choices, helping with chores, playing with the iPad
N - running around in other people's homes, playing with pencils at the model house, stacking things, screaming, throwing food on the floor (and looking to see what Mommy thinks of that), balloons, finding balloons in EVERY BOOK WE OWN and pointing at them over and over and over (OH MY GOD), running around the yard, saying more "words" that sound like the real thing but aren't quite, signing "milk", talking to Siri on Mommy's iPhone
Mommy - not having to carry N all the time, chasing the boys up and down the hall going WEEEEEEEEEEE

Z - potty training, the choices he's given, not getting choices, following through on the choice he made (i'm sensing a pattern here), being at home, leaving home, going places, going home (another pattern!)
N - time outs (what?? no Mommy for a whole minute??  MY WORLD IS ENDING!!!!), not getting what he's asking for immediately, not being the center of Mommy's attention, not getting every single balloon he sees (and people, there are a LOT of balloons out there in the world!)
Mommy - chasing kids around in other people's homes, backaches (hey, 35 and 25 is NOT LIGHT), being sick but still having to keep up with two active kids


  1. N? In time out? Not sweet little innocent never-the-instigator N? Say it's not so!