Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - going to the pool (hooray for poop on the potty!), pushing his brother, the "ladder" game,  doing things himself (except for when he wants "Mommy do it"), splashing in "cudders" in his rain boots, being at preschool (just not arriving or leaving), making towers out of cat food cans, Sweet Frog
N - more Mommy time while Z's at preschool, drinking out of the straw cup sans straw, trying to drink from big boy cups (and pouring it all over himself half the time), waking up TOOOOO EARLYYYYY, screaming  bloody murder to get out of his crib rather than playing with toys till someone gets him, venturing away from the Mommy charging station faster when we go places, sitting at the table without the tray, Sweet Frog (but only the fruit.  none of that yogurt nonsense.)
Mommy - more N time while Z's at preschool, abolishing the baby bottles cold turkey, fewer poopy underpant issues, going to the pool with the boy (one at a time, please, or I'll go crazy trying to keep them both from drowning!), not having to carry N quite so much, really really good hugs from both of them, Sweet Frog

Z - having accidents (which are getting more infrequent, yay!), not getting to go to the pool (the aforementioned accidents) the iPod (or iPad) dying, games not going his way, not being picked up from preschool EXACTLY how he expected it (apparently not bringing N is a no-no...),
N - too much time spent in the car to/from preschool, being left in the crib for 5 seconds longer than he's okay with, learning new words (BALL has been replaced by UP as the word of choice)
Mommy - tantrums, the frazzledment of trying to entertain two very active boys

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