Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - using the potty, getting marshmallows and chocolate for using the potty, preschool, speaking in complete sentences, telling stories starring pieces of his dinner (pasta came home from preschool and saw another pasta and fell into the mashed potatoes and played with his friend...), lentils, "chicken and rice and beans", PLAYDOH in a big way, making soup in his play dishes (thanks P & M!)
N - using the Mommy-multitool (and the Daddy-multitool, and the Grammy-multitool, and the Granddaddy-multitool...), lentils, peeling his own banana, bread, bread, more bread, playing with other (gasp!) people (gasp!), putting away play dishes, playing in water in the sink, taking socks and shoes off in the car (and managing to COMPLETELY lose them somehow), coming up with new ways to pronounce APPLE so that it means five different things
Mommy - having conversations with Z, figuring out the new words that N is trying to manage, big hugs, explaining the new house progression to Z (and N, but he doesn't seem to grasp things just yet), the delightful games that N comes up with, seeing N lean in to give Z a kiss at bedtime

Z - using the potty, having accidents, giving goodbye hugs and kisses when he leaves (or they leave, whichever), wearing clothing
N - not getting his way, being told he needs to sit in his OWN chair and let Mommy eat her dinner, his "baby" high chair, getting an APPLE when he clearly said APPLE (but meant banana)
Mommy - getting a little frazzled trying to keep up with everything that's going on, dealing with temper tantrums, having to un-spoil N

(sorry it's been a little dead over here, we've had a lot going on!  read about the house we're building over here:  and I'm trying to catch up on pictures as quick as I can!)

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