Monday, March 4, 2013

Likes & Dislikes

Z - preschool, popcorn, Super Why!, Caillou, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, riding the tricycle around the new house, play-doh, writing stories (illustrated by Mommy), being helpful, picking up the kitty (kitty tolerates), sledding, baking banana bread/muffins, asking WHY, legos, getting his own water from the fridge dispenser, right now he's telling me he likes spinach (I'm dubious)
N - using his vocabulary (even if Mommy doesn't always understand), all things yellow, learning letters (O!), building block toys of all kinds, going to "pa-pa" house, taking turns ("N turns! Z turns! Mommy turns!), ice, apples, pushing brother around on the tricycle, balloons, maow (aka kitty), throwing massive temper tantrums, Mommy time while Z's at school
Mommy - having more room for the boys to play in, seeing them play well together, the excitement in N's face when he's discovering things, having actual conversations with Z, being able to ask Z to do me a favor and have him actually DO it

Z - disappointment (not getting to watch his two shows every day, not going to the playground because he wasted too much time getting his shoes on, etc)
N - not being understood (hey, it took awhile to learn that "lurch" means "shirt"), balloons that don't last forever, being babysat by non-family, bathtime
Mommy - having more room to clean up after the boys, seeing them fight over things, being ignored, getting two kids out the door on time for things

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