Monday, October 10, 2011

Home, James

We came home from the hospital early yesterday afternoon.  Saturday had been a pretty good day for Z, with the move to the non-ICU, taking several good long walks (apparently important for his recovery), and finally starting to show some interest in food again (even if I had to trick him into eating by making his chicken cluck at him).  The downside of the new room, of course, was that he was no longer on his own...we were sharing a semi-private room with a 9 month old little boy.  The baby himself was not really a problem, but the family was!  They had a lot of drama related to why the baby was in the hospital, and it caused a fair amount of disturbance, what with all the various people coming in to talk about it, and the family getting upset and all.  Luckily we were there for less than 24 hours.  Sunday morning they did a last echo to make sure things were still good (they were!) and the last two monitors were removed.  While we waited for Daddy to check out of the Ronald McDonald house and come to pick us up, we took a couple more walks to the play room and the room where the bunny was (unfortunately the bunny was inaccessible on a Sunday, but we could look at it through the window). Then we waved goodbye to our nurse, loaded up in the car, and headed out.  Z slept the whole way home, and we were greeted by a very excited, very bubbly, very raspberry-y baby when we arrived.  And a very clean house, courtesy of Grammy, thank you so very much!  :)

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