Monday, October 3, 2011

Likes & Dislikes

Our regularly monthly event!  Only 2 days late!  And with bonus features!

Z - Jingle Bells, Sandra Boynton songs, singing in general (the ABC song is on its way out, though), raw carrots and green beans, plums, going to the gym (to play, not work out!), any book he can get his hands on as many times as he can get someone to read it, reading books to himself when no one else is available (he does a great job, too!), climbing into N's crib to give him a kiss, riding on the outside of shopping carts
N - eating solid food, rolling golf balls along the windowsill, eating solid food, trying to get Z's attention by grabbing a fistful of hair, chewing on rubber duckies and those rubber wristband thingies, eating solid food
Mommy - watching Z give toys to N without prompting, seeing N's face light up when Z does something with/for him, listening in amazement to how quickly Z picks up the least little song Mommy sings

Z - quiet time, asparagus, having a poopy diaper (but will he tell me?? NOOOOO....), being told he can't go in the kitchen/N's room/our bedroom when he wants to
N - asparagus (they're two of a kind!), not getting enough milk, being left alone for more than a second even when he can still hear my voice
Mommy - nightly baths (sigh), poopy diapers, wasted food (hey, *I* like asparagus! just not pureed...), lack of sleep from multiple mid-night awakenings

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