Thursday, November 3, 2011

Likes & Dislikes

Z - reading potty books on the potty, moonbounce playgrounds, peanut butter on crackers (triscuits, of all things!), bubbles, singing nonsense syllables monotonously at the top of his lungs for 20 minutes straight, reading books to himself (he memorizes them sooooo quickly), handheld video games of any kind, asking for breakfast at lunchtime and lunch at dinnertime, asking questions and then answering them himself because a) he knows exactly what we're going to say or b) he's giving himself permission for whatever he asked for
N - flirting with strangers, blowing raspberries, standing in the dining chairs backwards so he looks like he's in prison, crawling, rubber duckies, rolling over while we're tying to change his diaper, following us from one room to the next (takes awhile, though!), trying to get in on whatever Z is doing, the letter F (efffffff!!!!!!!)
Mommy - seeing Z get better with N every day, bedtime hugs & kisses from Z, being half the double-primary of N's solar system (Z being the other), getting a little more sleep with only one mid-night feeding

Z - being told he can't have peanut butter on crackers at every meal, following directions, timeout, going to doctors' offices, getting his bottom cleaned after dirty diapers (so learn to use the potty, already!)
N - being kept up past his nap/bedtime, having the not-approved-of toys taken away from him (really, child, you don't want to eat that!), people not understanding what he's trying to tell us
Mommy - giving them meals at the same time since that inevitably means I'm feeding one when the other wants something Immediately!, screaming tantrums from Z for no good (or even apparent!) reason several times a day, having to sit on the stool next to the potty to read the same 6 or 7 potty books over and over and over (it's NOT A HAT, for crying out loud), having to carry a 22? lb baby in a 10 lb carseat with a 33 lb toddler on the other arm (but at least they balance each other out...)

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