Thursday, November 17, 2011

Up, up, and away!

N has been putting lots and lots of effort, every day, into trying to catch up with his big brother.  You could just see it in his eyes, while rocking back and forth on all fours, thinking "gotta learn to crawl, gotta learn to crawl, I'm missing all the good stuff!" only to fall on his belly yet again.
On the 26th (of October, yes I know it's been almost a month, so sue me!) my mom thought he'd started crawling, though I wasn't convinced, and went home from her visit and told my dad about it. Well Granddaddy came over for a visit the very next day, and we were discussing the controversial crawling incident of the previous day while the boys were playing on the living room floor.  Darned if that baby didn't just up and start crawling right then and there!  Not very far, and clearly he wasn't an expert yet, but very definite steps with all four limbs.  Look out world!

Now you might think that was the end of this story, but this child has apparently decided to do a whole bunch of milestone-smashing in one big swoop.  A couple days after the crawling (no more than 3, I think), I walk into his room to get him in the morning, and look who's standing up! in the corner of the crib! that only comes up to his waist! and oh good lord child are you trying to give me a heart attack!?!  Needless to say, we've lowered his crib mattress, and at the rate he's going it'll be at the bottom setting by the time he's 9 months.  He only just started crawling, we hadn't seen him pull himself up to a stand yet, how were we to know he'd take his life into his hands?

But WAIT!  There's MORE!  Not as exciting, but milestoney nonetheless, on the 1st (appropriately!) he got his very first tooth.  And if you call now, we'll double your order, and get you your second tooth ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Delivered on the 14th, with tooth #1 not even fully emerged yet.  This kid is going to be bigger than his brother with more teeth by the time he's one, at this rate.

Slow down, kid!

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