Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - getting himself in and out of the carseat (which involves opening Mommy's door AND his own door, and sometimes N's door too), being able to have milk and cheese again, taking baths, going ANYWHERE that isn't home but especially playdates and the gym, pushing his own little kiddie cart at the grocery store (and wanting to put "his" pears and bananas in it!), using Mr. Penguin to play Mommy & N, trying to pick N up
N - taking toys from Z, getting into Z's personal space, balls (just about any size or composition, he isn't picky!), feeding himself tidbits of what everyone else is eating, baths (after a brief transition period, anyways!)
Mommy - being able to get stuff done while the boys play "together" in the next room, having a chance to eat while N eats his tidbits (warm food!  yay!), the fact that laughter is heard more frequently than crying sometimes

Z - not getting to take a bath when N gets to (boy howdy did he get upset!), Mommy doing something for him when he wanted to do it himself, reading books at bedtime (probably just a phase), Daddy going back to work when he's only been "home" for a minute (he works from home, in the bedroom, and only comes out to get food/drink from the kitchen)
N - being left with "strangers" while Mommy goes elsewhere (even if he knows the person quite well), not being allowed to use the spoon to feed himself, being sick (been a rough month), learning how to walk (does not seem interested!)
Mommy - same old, same old

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