Wednesday, February 1, 2012

green light on playstation

Z is (and has been for awhile) fascinated by the lights on electronic devices.  He could sit there and turn things on and off for hours, just to see the lights change.  My parents have a nightlight in the hallway that changes color every few seconds, and that thing was a Z magnet.  Unfortunately that hallway is on the other side of a baby gate and requires adult assistance, which he's not so fond of.

Ever since we instituted Quiet Time, Z has gotten to play with my iPod Touch while in his room.  It's loaded up with age-appropriate apps (and nothing else) and will keep him entertained (though not necessarily quiet OR still) for quite awhile.  Sometimes, though, I don't check it before giving it to him, and the battery is low.  He'd bring it to me, crying usually, and say, "Mommy fix it?"  By now he knows that it has to be plugged in to charge ("hafta charge da BAttery"), but I did have to explain that it isn't instantaneous: "See, it's red?  We have to wait until it turns GREEN before you can play with it again" (for those of you who don't have one, the iPod has a battery display that is red when less than 20%, and green when it's above that).  So now he just brings it to me while muttering something about "goes GREEN" under his breath and moves on.

So you can understand his confusion the other night when Daddy was turning off his Playstation 3.  Like many gadgets, it has a green light to tell you it's on, but it also has a red light when it's off.  I didn't hear exactly what was said from where I was, but Daddy said it was something to the effect of "light was GREEN and went RED...but needs to go GREEN so we can play wif it!" with a very puzzled look on his face.  Daddy had to spend a little time explaining that sometimes you WANT it to go to red!

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