Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - bubbles bubbles BUBBLES!, "helping" Mommy put up painter's tape, the new ball popper toy we got at the thrift store, going outside without an adult, letting Earl out of the house, climbing on ladders (stepstool, really), all things fruit, making his own words to go into the songs he already knows (that's my boy!!!), leaning on Mommy's shoulder while Mommy is trying to take pictures of things down at his level (makes for blurry pictures...), orange cheddar
N - food (especially fruit, but apparently spinach-mushroom-chicken enchiladas are also acceptable), the new ball popper toy we got at the thrift store, walking with Mommy (FINALLY!!!!!), walking his turtle walker down the hallway with Z walking his shopping cart next to/behind him, all things spherical, plugging into the Mommy (or Grammy!) charging station then scampering off to play again, pointing and grunting to make it understood what he wants
Mommy - motor derby [walker] time (they're occupied!!) especially when Z helps N turn his walker around, getting full nights of sleep again, N taking one 3-4 hour nap a day

Z - using the potty (at all, at the moment), not being able to go outside when he wants, being told to stay out of a room he wants to be in, pretty much anything we say NO to
N - not being understood (grunt! grunt! GRUNNNNNNNT!!!!), the ball popper toy being jammed (I'm sorry, child, but while that square thing does FIT in the round hole, it doesn't WORK...), the Mommy charging station being unavailable for (gasp!) 5 seconds when he needs it NOW, nature (grass is unacceptable, gravel is fine...go figure)
Mommy - painting, cleaning, and anything related to those two tasks, having to carry one heavy child while the other child runs in the wrong direction

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