Monday, June 4, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - temper tantrums, jigsaw puzzles, anthropomorphizing (spoony is hungry, forky wants to go to bed), origami (thanks Grammy!), putting "band aids" on the Three Amigos, making snoozies for Mommy, psinning (also known as "spinning", in Daddy's swivel chair), balloons, playing in the sink, grazing rather than eating at mealtime, "helping" cook dinner, saying Thank You, having Daddy home a lot lately in between assignments
N - walking walking walking!, trying new things, eating rocks from the driveway, having conversations with Mommy even though the vocabulary hasn't increased, painting with the milk bottle (and the water bottle, and the sippy cups, and the straw cups...), having Daddy home a lot lately in between assignments
Mommy - all the GIGGLES!!!, having more of a clue how to get through to the Z-man, being able to set both boys down to walk when we're out, having Daddy home a lot lately in between assignments

Z - bedtime, eating at mealtime, being a good listener, using the potty (there's improvement, but still a long ways to go), being inside
N - baths (no idea what happened...), car naps, gates or doors being closed when he wants to go through them
Mommy - having to sit through both kids screaming at once, cleaning up after meals (but N is putting HIS food on the floor...), learning how to cook with two kids underfoot

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