Sunday, June 17, 2012


There's this fun little game that I accidentally created called Mommy Slide.  This consists of a child sitting on my lap then "sliding" down my legs onto the floor.  Works great for N!  Not so well for Z...he only slides about 2 inches before his feet hit the ground.  That never stops him, though, so it's a popular game.

Last weekend while Daddy was packing, we were playing this game over and over and over and over, and I decided I needed a rest.  So I declared the Mommy Slide closed while the operator took a 15 minute break.  Z, of course, doesn't take no for an answer, and a slew of amusement park jokes ensued ("closed for maintenance" "engine overheated" "no trespassing" "try the Daddy Spinner instead").  Z wanted to "psin" in Daddy's chair if the Mommy Slide wasn't available.  I forget exactly how it came about, but it was established that Daddy was Security, and I was going to call him to remove the "trespassers" from the amusement park.  Yuk yuk yuk.

Later that day I was doing laundry in the kitchen.  I had closed the gate to keep N away since I was using the stain remover spray, but of course that hasn't stopped Z in about two years.  So as long as he closed the gate behind him, I let him go in and out of the kitchen.  Once he got bored with "helping" me do laundry, he apparently went down the hall to see if he could psin in Daddy's chair again.  Being told no, he came back to the kitchen but didn't close the gate.  And of course N comes barreling in to see what Mommy's been doing all this time, so I call "Security!!" down the hall.  Daddy comes and collects N, closes the gate, and heads back to his desk only to find Z psinning in his chair.  Daddy's not done with what he was doing, so he evicts trespassers from that attraction and gets back to work.  Z comes back into the kitchen, again leaving the gate open.  I sternly instruct him to close the gate before his brother comes in, but N comes barreling in to see what Mommy's been doing, so I call "Security!!" down the hall.  Daddy comes and collects N, and Z makes no effort to disguise the fact that he's running gleefully to get into Daddy's chair while it's vacant.  The gate is closed, trespassers are evicted, and Daddy is grumbling that the kids are ganging up on us, when once again Z comes into the kitchen without closing the gate.  N comes barreling in.  By now I'm laughing so hard I can barely breathe, much less yell "Security!!" but somehow I manage, and the process was repeated yet again.  I don't know how Z explained to N what he wanted, but it was very clear that they were communicating very well!!

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