Wednesday, July 25, 2012

366.199 N's first haircut!

366.199 (jul 17)

We took both the boys to get their hairs cut, because Z's was ridiculously long and I was tired of having to take a comb with conditioner to N's hair to get the snarls out. That boy sees food as more of a beauty treatment than a life-sustaining necessity.

Before, courtesy of Grammy (I didn't have any befores of both of them):


After, courtesy of myself:


I think I should have asked for them both to be shorter...Z's is still in his eyes, and N's is still long enough to get a couple snarls in it.  But those are things I can tweak at home, as long as the overall cut is there!

I made the mistake of having Z go first, in the well-meaning but misguided intent that Z could go play on the playground with Granddaddy while N's was cut.  Z doesn't care for having his hair cut, so I ended up holding him while the scissors were out.  That in turn set the stage for N requiring that HE be held as well, so Granddaddy held him so that I could take pictures.  It turned out well in the end...Z was well behaved, just sat in the chair next door and watched, so Grammy was able to take some pictures too.  In fact, Grammy took pictures of Mommy taking pictures, which is always good for a laugh.  At least for me!  And while N was upset at first, he quickly figured out that he wasn't going to die as long as Granddaddy was holding him.


Is this a sad face or what?

Oh wait, this isn't so bad!


  1. Ugh, N remember 366.195???

  2. things CHANGE when there's SCISSORS involved!!!