Friday, July 27, 2012

366.204 has a story

366.204 (jul 22)
This was bath night.  For some reason N was not at all interested in being in the bath, and we've been trying to ease him back into liking bath time, so Daddy let him get out of the tub even though he hadn't really been washed.  The boys share bath time now, so it was probably a case of Z not sharing the bath toys!

In any case, because N hadn't gotten bathed we had Z get out without draining the tub...and apparently that was unacceptable.  Daddy had to drag him kicking and screaming out of the bathroom so that I could give N at least a cursory washing.  When we were done, N wanted to play the usual post-bath game of running up and down the hall buck naked with the hooded towel on his head, but Z was NOT in the mood.  I went ahead and put N in his diaper and pajamas (well, partly, anyway), then he wanted his towel on.  He came out into the hallway and saw Z in his pajamas and got excited.  First he tried to get Z to get a towel by being enthusiastic about his own (which I didn't get on camera, darn it!  It was hilarious!).  When that didn't work, he went into the bathroom and came back out with my hair towel...and demanded, very clearly if wordlessly, for Daddy to put it on Z's head.  Daddy complied.






Apparently that tickled Z's funny bone, because he took it off, requested his own hooded towel, and the pajama edition of the hooded towel run commenced.



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