Thursday, April 11, 2013

366 Recap...and on to 365?

So, my very first year of photo-a-day is officially over.  How'd I do?  Well, I didn't actually keep track of how many times I used someone else's photo (for whatever reason), but out of 366 days I had 302.  I haven't checked to see if there's a video I could get a still from for most of those missing 64, but the odds are rather against it (I did check for the first couple of months, and only once did I find a video containing both kids).  The biggest streak was 21 days, in July.  Must have been because we were cooped up in the house during the heat!

Despite the fact that I haven't started posting pictures for 2013, I can already tell you that we're off to an abysmal start.  Most days I haven't been thinking about it, the way I was last year.  But I've started making more of an effort now, so bring on 2013!

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