Thursday, April 18, 2013

Likes & Dislikes

Z - watching his two shows everyday, reenacting Caillou adventures with himself as the main character, playing with play dough, drawing with sidewalk chalk, making mischief, WHY mommy WHY, talking to his (imaginary?) friend Henry
N - using WORDS!!!!!, doing it himself (SELF, mommy, SELF!), "bruffsh"ing his "teef," trying to sleep in big brother's bed, reading books, giving hugs (especially to Z, who is less enthusiastic), instigating with his brother (Z asks a question, N says "NO, Z. NO."  Z hates it!), asking WHY just because Z does, throwing monumental tantrums
Mommy - being able to understand N more often, seeing how far I can go with WHY before resorting to "physics, buddy, physics"

Z - staying inside, staying WITH mommy instead of running off wherever he wants, not having WHY answered every time,
N - being told NO, having someone forget to let him do it SELF
Mommy - having to answer the same WHY multiple times in five minutes (the answer didn't change, child!), tantrums when I didn't understand what N was saying

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