Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Please don't stop the Musik

Today the boys and I ventured out in the downpour to attend a Kindermusik class.  And let me just get this right out there:  my son is THAT KID.  The one that wanders all over the place and gets into things that he shouldn't.  Like the name tag stickers, and the markers to write on the name tag stickers, and the pens next to the registration forms, and the hand sanitizer, and other people's bags, etc etc.  Though he somehow managed to take the water bottle directly to its owner without any guidance that I could see, so maybe he just caught her brain waves and deduced she was thirsty.  Anyway, he spent most of the 30 minute class walking about the room looking for things to examine.  A little back story:  this kid loves toys that play music.  We have three of those Munchkin Magic Cube thingsyes, three...two Mozart that manage to play in different (and discordant) keys, and one nursery rhymesand Z will sit there playing all three of them and bask in the cacophony.  He loves his little electric piano that plays a different song for each key and has been playing it non-stop all weekend (it's been missing for several months and we just found it again).  And he's quite content to just dump all of said toys, along with the mundane non-electrical items, in a heap on the living room floor while he plays.  So you would think, given that information, that in this class Z would be fascinated by the musical activities and content to let all the musical toys lie wherever they happened to fall.  And you'd be wrong.  This child pretty much ignored the activities completely, except where the toys were concerned.  The teacher would bring out a basket of, say, shaker eggs, and distribute them to the kids, leaving extras in the center of the circle and putting the empty basket back on the table.  Z would play with his assigned egg for, oh, 10 seconds, then promptly retrieve the empty basket to start collecting all the eggs again.  Even to taking them away from a couple of parents!  And then again with the rhythm sticks.  And with the castanet-like thingies.  And the little hand drums.  The only thing that finally captured his attention was the big "sharing" drum, which he joined two other boys in enthusiastically pounding.  And then the class was over, and he'd done almost nothing musical in nature.  And I was very grateful that I hadn't had to pay for this class!

(You might be wondering where N was during all this...he was right there with me the whole time, perfectly content to practice his pre-crawling exercises, watch his brother, and slobber all over his shaker egg.  He had a grand old time!)

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