Sunday, September 11, 2011

Puppet Master

Friday we were signed up to go see a puppet show at an area library with some other kids and moms we know. It was supposed to start at 11 and be about an hour.  Great, I thought, that should work perfectly with N's nap schedule, he'll be up from nap #1 in time to leave and be back in time for nap #2.  And we'll still be able to go to the gym at 3:30 again.  HAHAHAHA said Murphy.  N got up at 7:20.  Not too bad, though it would make naptime at 9 a little more difficult.  Nine rolls around and he's not even remotely tired.  9:15 and still no go.  At 9:30 I put him down regardless, because he's been up for two hours and that's usually about his limit.  Now I'm thinking we might have trouble getting to the show on time, because he usually sleeps for about an hour and a half.  Wrong again!

He never falls asleep at all, just cries and cries.  So now I'm stuck.  The guidelines that we follow in regards to sleep training recommend that we not let him sleep again until the next nap time, to "preserve the sleep schedule."  Problem is, the library is a good 15 minutes from the house, more than long enough for him to fall asleep.  What can I do?  Not much.  So I go ahead and load them up, with extra toys for N to help keep him awake.  And we get to the library on time with neither of them falling asleep.  Whew!  Hard part is over, now we can go enjoy the puppet show.  HAHAHAHA said Murphy.  Remember, Z is THAT KID.  The one who wanders all over the (packed) room, getting in the way of the other little kids sitting nicely on the carpet watching the show, walking up to the puppet stage and trying to take things off of it, leaving the room to go see what's down the hall, etc etc.  And in a packed room, there's only so much I can do to prevent that without trampling small children or dropping a baby.  Some of my mom friends tried to help intercept him for me, but it was getting pretty distracting for everybody.  So even though N was enjoying the puppet show (or at least was fascinated by the movement and music or something), we all three had to troop out to the main kids area of the library to play for awhile.  There, at least, Z found something to occupy him, a lego table and pile of legos.  It also made me feel a bit better that two of my other mom friends had to bring their little ones out to play there too, so at least I had someone to talk to and commiserate with.  Finally the show is over, the packed room empties, and I can go in to get our stuff and strap N (still awake!) back into his carseat for the trip home.  At this point it's noon, one hour to naptime, and I know perfectly well I'm doomed.  There's no way N will make it home awake.  And indeed, within 5 minutes of being in the carseat, he's out.  Completely.  Scratching his head didn't wake him up.  Flicking his ears didn't wake him up.  Attempting to pull open an eyelid (gently, I assure you!) didn't wake him up.  So I bow to the inevitable and hope that when we get home I can at least transfer him to the crib to continue his nap.  HAHAHAHA said Murphy.  We get home and Z decides it's a good time to go zipping off around the house rather than come inside, which means I have to drop N off just inside the door (so the mosquitoes wouldn't carry him away) and give chase.  And of course, by the time I get back N's awake.  I try to put him down anyways but no dice.  It's 12:15. He got a mere 15 minutes of sleep, so maybe the next naptime will still work?  Z decides to be a handful, so after a very small amount of lunch he goes in his room for quiet time.  N finally goes down for his nap at 1:30, which of course means we're going to be late for our 3:30 gym appointment again, but oh well.  Alone and exhausted, I determine that I will eat a leisurely lunch and then release the demon...but what's this I hear?  Coming from Z's room?  Could that be...silence?  Is the demon...asleep?  Hallelujah!  Mommy gets a good long break today!  Take THAT, Murphy!

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