Monday, January 30, 2012

Well duh!

Around here we're big fans of Sandra Boyton's books.  I think we have pretty much all of them (thanks Grammy!).  Z knows quite a few of them by heart and I have have several adorable videos of him reading them to himself or just reciting them from memory to Mr Penguin.  And I have to admit, I know most of them by heart too.

One that I still have trouble with is "What's Wrong, Little Pookie?"  I know the general gist of the story, which is the mama trying to figure out what's making the little one cry, but I get the lines mixed up.  Despite that, I quote from this book quite often because it's good to distract Z from temper tantrums.  The mama asks questions that the little one is supposed to answer No or Yes to, and Z likes to answer NO! to all of them.

This time I was running through the questions with him, and I get to the silly section before I make an error:

Mommy: Did a very large hippo try to borrow your shoes?
Z: That's silly!
Mommy: Are there five lazy frogs in your bed for a snooze?
Z: That's silly too!
Mommy: Did tiny blue elephants with wings oh so blue, fly off with the cookies and leave none for you?
Z: (long pause)...tiny GREEN elephants Mommy!

Well, at least he's not crying anymore...

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