Sunday, January 1, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - peanut butter bread (fold fold fold SQUISH), water, Trio blocks, playing with N's toys, bathtime (for the toys, mainly), helping Daddy rake leaves, opening the front door by himself, being a parrot, "star cheerios" (aka green/purple/red cheerios, aka N's puff snacks), helping get N up from naps (by opening the door, often before N actually needs getting up, and climbing in his crib)
N - crawling crawling crawling, following Z around, permanently attaching himself to Mommy, opening and closing doors, finger foods (the aforementioned "star cheerios" as well as "circle cheerios"), playing with Z's toys
Mommy - quiet time, hearing random laughter down the hallway from them amusing each other, playing with all the toys

Z - listening, sitting still for more than 5 seconds (unless an Apple product is involved, and not even then sometimes)
N - being physically separated from Mommy, being cooped up for too long
Mommy - trying to keep the house from being a wreck, laundry (shudder)

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