Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look who's talking

Z's language skills took awhile to develop.  It's mostly been within the last year or so that he's really started to use his vocal cords for something other than grunting and screaming.

We recently started joining my best friend (and her daughter R, sister, mother, and sister's best friend) for a weekly girls' night (Z is young enough to not count, we decided, and R would be heartbroken if I showed up without him!), and they all commented on how much more verbal he has become.  The last few months have been like having a parrot in the house...if you say something, better make sure it's age-appropriate, because odds are good it'll be repeated.  Which is pretty hilarious, sometimes, because his tongue has a hard time wrapping around some of the words he's attempting!

The last week or two, though, brought forth a new development in his verbal...well, development.  He has been pretty good at parroting phrases he's previously heard into new conversations with the appropriate context (so if I said to him last week, that's a nice airplane you built, he could come to me this week with an airplane toy and say, that's a nice airplane), and he's a past master at filling in our responses for us, but a "conversation" he had with us last week just about killed us laughing.

Background: between Z & N there were three bathtub toys received at Christmas.  Z's two he was allowed to play with whenever he wanted (a bath flute, really cool in the tub but also fun outside, and a water table that he unpacked himself when I wasn't looking and promptly misplaced a piece to, so he hasn't gotten to use water in it yet but he has lots of fun taking it apart in the living room). N's didn't really lend itself to sans-tub playtime, since it involved suction cups, and hadn't been opened yet...which drove Z absolutely NUTS.  Constantly wanting to play with it.  Open this?  Mommy get scissors? Open this? This one?  The fact that it wasn't even his toy to play with didn't faze him one bit.  He even managed to get it partly open himself.

So we were finishing up dinner, the boys were in their respective chairs, and Daddy was cleaning Z up so he could get down and go play.  We'd been talking about nothing in particular and looking forward to a good hour of playtime before it was time to get the boys into bed.  Z spied the unopened tub toy, and I swear that this is what he said:

"Hey Z, want to take a bath and play with toys in bathtime? O-KAY! That's a good iDEa, Z!"

We just about peed our pants we were laughing so hard...and we were laughing so hard that Z started laughing really hard too, though he was looking back and forth at us like he didn't know why he was laughing, which just made us laugh harder...

And no, he didn't get a bath that night.  But he did get to play with the tub toys at his next bath.

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