Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going Bananas

One morning (about a month ago I guess!) N got up rather earlier than normal, which then meant that his first nap was earlier than normal.  None of us had had breakfast yet (we do meals on demand here, not on schedule), but N was definitely ready to go back to bed.  No big deal, Z was playing with his toys in the living room by himself and didn't seem to mind when I went back to give N his bottle and put him down.

Well apparently I was taking too long!  I came back out to find Z sitting in his booster seat, the tray locked on, and a banana peel sitting on the table next to his seat.  Somebody got hungry!  I knew he was perfectly capable of doing all the above things, so my reaction was mostly "Well!  I can see I'm not needed here!" more than anything.  But then I noticed that there was a spoon, with a little bit of banana in it, sitting on the table as well.  Which doesn't seem all that important, right?  Except that Mommy uses a spoon to remove the "bad spots" from the bananas.  So here's what went down, as near as I can tell:

Z got hungry.  Saw bananas on the table. (It could very well have been the other way around)
Decided to have a banana for breakfast.
Climbed into his booster seat and obtained a banana.
Climbed back down to go retrieve the tray for his booster seat (if it was in its proper spot, this required the additional step of pulling a chair over to get it off the hook we keep it on).
Climbed into his booster seat, clicked on the tray (probably only partway), and peeled the banana.
Discovered a "bad spot" on the banana.
Removed tray (probably put it on the table).
Climbed down from the booster chair and obtained spoon from utensil drawer.
Climbed back up into his seat, clicked on the tray, removed bad spot, and ate banana.
Was discovered by Mommy.

Really rather impressive, if I you ask me.  Especially since cleaning up after him showed that there were in fact TWO bananas involved...

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