Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early bird

The boys and I have lately been participating in a weekly "Girls' Night" with my best friend and her family (Mom, daughter R, sister, & sister's best friend).  Yes, I'm aware that my sons are not girls. Under 5 doesn't count.  Most of the time I only bring one of them with's a little easier on me to only have one, and it turns into quality one-on-one time with Daddy for the one that doesn't come. Win-win situation all around.

Every week Girls' Night is hosted in turn by a different member.  This week, it was at sister's best friend's house.  SBF has a kitty that looks strikingly like our cat Earl...we've spent many minutes on several occasions discussing the similarities and (remarkably few) differences of their appearance and behavior.  The most obvious difference is that her kitty has a tail and Earl does not (cue M's spiel about "Earl is a special breed of tailless cat known as a Manx...").  But for most casual observers they could easily be confused.  Z has met this cat before, and generally calls her Earl even though we've introduced her to him by name.  Last night we were there for Girls' Night again, and when she came down the stairs Z said, clear as day, "Earl got a tail!"

After we got home, I was telling M about it.  Earl walked into the room just as I was finishing up, and what did that child say?  "There's another Earl!"

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