Friday, March 2, 2012

Likes & Dislikes

Z - gluten-free "cheerios" and crackers, dried cranberries (of all things!), peeing on the big potty if there's a potty book involved, taking baths, running away from Mommy and then waiting until I'm about to say 3 before running back, getting N up from naptime (mostly so he can then play in his crib), being picked up and thrown about, opening the front door without permission
N - food he can pick up with his own fingers and put in his own mouth (and nothing else, thank you very much!) but especially berries (blue-, rasp-, or straw-), picking up a piece of food to give to you and then take back after you've held it (because it tastes SOOO much better now), being bounced on Z's bed by Z jumping all around him, trying to read books like big brother, holding the bottle for himself, drinking water from a sippy-straw cup, baths (no transition period needed anymore), opening and closing (mostly) doors over and over and over
Mommy - a little more breathing space since N is becoming more self-sufficient, drive-by huggings and kissings, introducing the boys to my favorite foods and activities

Z - listening, being in time-out (happening a lot here lately), not getting to go outside when he wants, things not happening EXACTLY as he had planned inside that head of his but didn't bother to explain to anyone, N taking his toys or trying to play with them WITH him
N - strangers (getting better, though!), food with a spoon if he hasn't explicitly stated he wants it, having the door close all the way when he wants to open it again, learning how to walk (still not interested!)
Mommy - total meltdowns for no apparent reason, struggling to find enough gummable foods for a two-bottom-toothed baby to fill his belly so he'll sleep through the night PLEASE

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